Chicken Alfredo! SO good!

I made chicken alfredo for dinner tonight. It was so good! And so easy!

I buy chicken hindquarters in ten pound bags from Walmart. Wadly buys chicken thighs (Tyson) from Safeway. He pays $2+ a pound, I pay $0.67. His are soaked in or injected with stuff that makes my stomach hurt. He likes his, I like mine. It works!

So when it comes time to do something with chicken that I’m going to eat, I use my cheapo untreated/uncontaminated chicken to offset the cost of what I’m going to do with it. Tonight was chicken alfredo over steamed broccoli. This isn’t a fast meal but it is an easy meal. The jar of Rao alfredo sauce is a bit pricey but it doesn’t trigger any of my allergies and is gluten free. Plus it’s really delicious and keto friendly.

I put the chicken thighs (I used three tonight because this batch of hindquarters is mostly made up of smaller pieces) in my big instant pot with a cup of water, a tsp of Italian seasoning, a tsp of poultry seasoning and salt and pepper. I laid the thick leaves of 1/3 of a leek over the top of the chicken and pressure cooked on high for ~26 minutes. After natural release I separated the meat from the skin, gristle and bone and cut the chicken into not too small pieces.

Before doing the deboning I put the broccoli on to steam and started the onion/pepper/mushroom sauteeing. I steam broccoli florets in my smaller instant pot (steamer basket, 1 cup of water) for 0.00 minutes on low and released the pressure valve as soon as the pressure is achieved

While the chicken was being deboned I sautee onion, green bell pepper, orange bell pepper (it’s what I had) and sliced mushrooms in butter until tender. I dumped the chicken in on top, stirred, poured in a bottle of Rao Alfredo Sauce and heated until it’s warmed completely through.

I divided the broccoli into servings and ladled the alfredo mix over the top. Easy (not quick) and delicious! The longest thing to wait on was the chicken cooking. Steaming the broccoli didn’t take long (about the time it took to debone the chicken) and heating all the ingredients gave me a minute to clean up before dishing out. It worked!

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