2008 Web Quilt

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This quilt was used as a drawing quilt to encourage RDQG Guild members to use the Guild website.  Each visit (limit 1 per week) members could sign up for a drawing to win this quilt.  The drawing was won by Hilde Mitchell.

The water design was culled from a parquet floor design found online.  The fish were inspired by a sewer grate found in a Japanese Quilts book.

The background fabric in the center of the quilt is reverse appliqued.  The fish pieces were individually appliqued to the background.

The border of oriental fabric pinwheels was assembled by Sandra Hollon from fabrics donated by Neva Ross (RIP) using a template available upon request.

Karen Rupp (MRK Designs) gave the quilt depth, movement and an oriental feel with her brilliant quilting and embellishment.

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2 thoughts on “2008 Web Quilt

  1. Your work is incredible! I have only scanned through some of your “stuff” but I am amazed. Can’t wait to have time to look through more.

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