Sunset Quilt

Sunset at the farm hanging at the Rainy Daze Quilt Show.  Photo by Danetta Burnett.

This quilt was inspired by my interest in taking the water color technique a step farther.  The pattern is from a sunset picture I took here at the farm.  I used the 6″ Square Dance block (get it here for $14.95, request in comment).  The build of this quilt top is in the blog portion of this site.

Karen Rupp did the quilting, LouAnn did the binding, Danetta Burnett took the picture.

This quilt won People’s Choice (2nd day) and second place in the Pieced Category at the Rainy Daze Quilt Guild Quilt Show, a blue ribbon and People’s Choice at the SWW Fair.

29 thoughts on “Sunset Quilt

    1. It’s a block I created. There really isn’t a way to cut it without the template. And (you could see this coming, right?) you can purchase the templates either from me or from Karen. If you want the pattern for the sunset itself, I drew it on the design wall with 1/4″ masking tape from a pencil sketch.

      The technique produces a beautiful quilt. I have it on my bed now and smile every time I see it.

  1. I would love to make this quilt. You mentioned you have templates for the quilt. Could you explain? Also, is there a pattern available?

    Thank you.

    1. The template set is called Square Dance and comes in three sizes. I’ve got the templates if you truly do want to make something using them. The quilt design was taken from a photograph of the sunset at our farm. The process for making the quilt is explained in the blog which is here.

  2. Yes, I would like to purchase the templates. Please let me know how much. I could email you my address for mailing. I live in Ontario, Canada (hope you will ship to the north!). You have mentioned 6″ square dance block and also 4″ square dance templates as the building blocks. Could you please clarify?

    Thank you

    1. I have the templates in three sizes, 4″, 6″ and 8″. The size indicates the finished block. There is only one template piece for the Square Dance as the center is . . . well . . . square. For the Dance, which is a triangular block, there are three template pieces, a center triangle, a wedge and a squaring up template. Let me know what size(s) you want and I’ll figure out a cost and shipping and give you a total.

  3. I think I would like the 6″ template. Can you tell me the finished sizes of the quilt depending on the size of template?


    1. The size of the quilt is determined by the design, the size of the template and the number of squares you make.

  4. I tried to send a comment earlier…not sure you received it…
    I bought a 6″ square to make the sunset quilt. My finished quilt size will be 56″ x 56″. I am wondering if I should use the 4″ template given this quilt is smaller than yours (I believe).
    I you think that would be better I would like to buy the 4″ template.

    Thank you

    1. I am recommending the 4″ template set for watercolor quilts. It is a little more work but gives better color distribution.

  5. I would like to order your 6″ template set. I hope so much that it is still available… Could you please give me information on cost/availability? Thank you SO much! I also love your vertical garden 🙂

  6. I am interested in making a wall hanging of the sunset quilt pattern. I don’t understand what the difference is between the 4″, 6″ & 8″ template’s. I don’t want it to be a large wall hanging. I want to surprise my son by using five dress shirts of his that are too large for him since he lost weight. They are all “Hawaiian” style using sunset designs/colors. I could add some additional fabric but I want to mainly use these five shirts so that limits the size of the piece. What do you suggest?

    1. The size difference is in the finished block. The Sunset Quilt used the 6″ template. The resulting squares are 6″ across. That’s a really good size for the wall hanging you’re planning, especially if you’re adding additional fabric.

  7. Ok I’m having trouble deciding… so I’m going to change back to the 4” … that’s final. Sorry for the trouble

  8. Hello! I would like to order both the 4″ and 6″ Square Dance Template for a small watercolor wall hanging. Please let me know if they are still available, and, if so, how to complete payment to you. Thank you. –Regina

    1. I’ve got them and will send them! Thanks for your interest! I’ll send you an invoice and will ship within four business days of payment.

  9. Hi
    I work in a Personal Care Home. We are looking to purchase a “sunset” quilt to respectfully place on the bodies of residents after they have passed away, and are being moved on a gurney to a hearse / ambulance.
    Do you know where I can buy a quilt like that shown in your photo?
    thanks greg

    1. Greg, it’s a one of a kind. You might consider getting a sunset printed on a sheet or blanket to use for that purpose. It provides cover and the result isn’t prohibitively expensive. If the quality is adequate it will also be washingable/reusable.

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