I love to grow things but don’t really care to “garden”.  I don’t mind pulling weeds, but I want to garden smarter so I don’t have to pull very many very often.  It is pure chance I started gardening in tires.  A dear friend bought me an apple tree at a time when I could not put it in the ground in its intended spot so I planted it in a inverted tractor tire as a temporary measure until I could put it in the ground.

Since then I have planted nearly all my garden in pots, bins, tubs and tires.  Big industrial tires make awesome mini-gardens when one sidewall is cut out and something in placed in the bottom to keep the dirt inside.  We move them around with the tractor as needed.  I’m finding it’s a very cool way to garden.  They’re easy to weed and water and the produce is up where it’s easy to reach.  The worms happily multiply and the plants grow great.  Best of all, these tires are free.

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