Mystery Quilt

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It’s Green!

This is the result of a mystery quilt class I took from Karen Rupp. Finally, a quilt to use on my bed!

The squiggly green fabric was purchased a couple years ago. I just loved the fabric but didn’t have a plan. The quilt is my favorite for the use of color and movement.

No quilt should be without errors. Can you see the error in this one? I didn’t see it when I made it, Karen didn’t see it when she quilted it.  It showed up when I took the pic.

This quilt works because it’s a two-color quilt.  There are three greens with different sized graphics and a coral accent.

2 thoughts on “Mystery Quilt

  1. I don’t see a mistake, of course I am not a quilter,yet, I see a red dot in upper left, but please share the mistake.

    1. There’s a half-square triangle square just to the left of the left-most full green squiggly block that’s backward. See where the camera shadow is? The reversed bit is just to the right of the shadow.

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