Square Dance Block Construction

Square Dance throw, 8" blocks.
Square Dance throw, 8″ blocks.
Sampler with 6" Square Dance Block border.
Sampler with 6″ Square Dance Block border.
Bog coat with 6″ Square Dance Block border.
Bog coat with 6″ Square Dance border.
Watercolor using 4" Square Dance Block
Watercolor using 4″ Square Dance Block

The Square Dance Block uses a single template available in three sizes, 8″, 6″ and 4″. The “size” marked on the face of the template is the finished block size. The 4″ and 6″ templates have engraved on its face the widths for the strips for pinwheel arms and center.

How you intend to use the block determines how it is assembled.

If you are using the block to produce a pinwheel pattern, make sure you use a design wall to lay out your pinwheels. Until you are comfortable with assembly pull one block off the wall, assemble it and return it to the wall before starting the next block.

If you are using the block to distribute color for a watercolor image, use a design wall to lay out the colors. Work with a couple blocks at a time.

Individual templates are available for a single template. Save $7.48 if you buy the set which includes templates to produce 8″, 6″ and 4″ sizes. For the really adventurous I have a few 2″ templates available. If you buy the set and want the 2″ template included, let me know and I’ll include it at no charge. Warning, there are only a few of these! When the supply is exhausted, the offer is no longer available.

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