Square Dance Block Construction

First pinwheel layout

Layout – Start at the bottom left of your design wall and set your first pinwheel’s pieces onto the surface, making sure none of these pieces overlap. Each pinwheel arm for this pinwheel will be sewn into a separate block. As you lay the pinwheels onto your design wall, keep the horizontal line running through the center of the pinwheel level. Keeping this line level and aligned with the adjoining pinwheels will keep the layout organized and will keep construction from becoming confusing.



Second pinwheel layout

Lay your second pinwheel next to the first pinwheel, overlapping as shown. Pinwheel pieces which overlap are sewn into the same block and overlapping the pieces helps keep the elements of each block together.

Repeat this layout for the pinwheel required to complete the first row.


Second pinwheel row layout

For the second row of pinwheels, lay your first pinwheel nested into and overlapping the first row of pinwheels as shown. If this appears confusing, refer to this diagram and place one pinwheel piece at a time, referring each time to the diagram.

Each time you add a pinwheel, step away from your design wall to make sure you can see a clear difference between adjoining pinwheels.



Pinwheels complete, background added

Once you have all the pinwheel fabrics in place, place the background pinwheel pieces around the outside edge to fill in the pinwheels. Refer to your sampler grid for placement

Once all the edge pieces are in place, set a background square piece on the center of all the blocks you’ve created. When layout is complete each triangular block will have four different pinwheel pieces with a background square set on the center. There should be a small separation space between the blocks. You have now laid out all the blocks. Take this opportunity to review your layout to ensure you have good value changes and good contrast.

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