I bought Wadly two shubunkins to go with some goldies we already had.  A year later a friend passed on to us a mess of fancy and unfancy goldies that had been cleaned out of a pond.  In the process of caring for Wad’s fish, we learned about ick, fungus, parasites and ammonia poisoning.  Three years later we have a 240 gallon outdoor tank full of healthy happy fish . . . and a couple snails.

To keep the ammonia, nitrites and nitrates in check we added plants and did lots of water changes.  All the water changes were hard on the well, hard on us and time consuming.  I gritched at wasting all that water . . .

Then I discovered aquaponics.  Plants use up the nitrates and we don’t waste water.  How cool is that?  I installed a growbed on my 100 gallon tank.  Wadly, who doesn’t want his tank obstructed by too many growing things has opted to water the grapes and fruit trees out of his tank, replacing the water removed with fresh water to keep his pollutants in check.

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