Deleted Ravelry Content

I left Ravelry for a number of reasons. There just comes a point where I have to say thanks, but no thanks. Tolerance on Ravelry was very one-side woke with the banning of conservative members’ maga hats and maga hat patterns followed by censuring members for having conservative opinions. So, when the abuse started and then escalated, I bailed. I was G-G-GONE. And because I am who I am and I think I’m special, I will pout, grab my content and leave. Upon leaving I removed all my contributions to the Ravelry community including the majority of my posts. Leaving it up on Ravelry would have been rewarding bad behavior. Not happening. I left my profile up with an explanation and contact info so people who have a vested interest in what I was working on can find me.

The projects I had saved to Ravelry reflect my knitting journey with all the achievements, successes and discoveries I found as I grew as a knitter. When I left I saved all my projects content to my local system so I can share the best of my memory album and have a personal reference for what I’ve learned/discovered.

The project pages will look like they open in Ravelry but all the content is here on this site.

  • James C. Brett Conti-rag Blue Henley. This project has the discovery of the well supported buttonhole, Jeny’s Surprisingly Stretchy bindoff worked from the back side, Chinese Waitress caston worked from the wrong side equals beautiful buttonhole.

I’ll continue to add content as I have to refer back to past projects. Keep checking to see what shows up!