Midnight Blossoms

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Finished June 2005, designed and constructed with contributions from . . . LouAnn White, David Christensen and Danetta Burnett.

My sincerest thanks to LouAnn for design feedback, David for help with dimensional shading, and Danetta for quilting design and longarm quilting.

This was a wonderful learning experience. The original patterns were from books by Pat Campbell and Mimi Deitrich. As I worked through the process of design, I grew more confident in my ability to produce original designs and more pleased with what I was producing.

Special thanks to my RDQG Secret Sister, Sandra Hollon, for providing fabric perfect for this project.


Best Large Appliqué, Traditional – Country Quilters Quilt Show, July 2005

Best in Class, Appliqué, Machine Quilted – Lewis County Fair, August 2005

People’s Choice – Lewis County Fair, August 2005

Third, Large Applique – NW Quilting Expo, September 2005

One thought on “Midnight Blossoms

  1. Hello Nori, You know how one things leads to another when you are browsing the web. Anyway, some how I stumbled onto your blog and then your black background quilt. I thought you might enjoy the post I did about this type of quilt a while back. http://karenquilt.blogspot.com/2010/09/black-backgound-applique.html and then the update on this topic. If I may, I will add the photo of your quilt which will then link to your blog. http://karenquilt.blogspot.com/2012/01/dark-background-quilting-update.html

    Thanks, Karen A.

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