Square Dance Block Construction

One pinwheel with an arm in each of four blocks

The block for this quilt is a square (4 blocks shown at left). Each block is comprised of the pinwheel fabrics (wedges) for four different pinwheels with a background fabric (square) in the center. For the completed quilt top, each pinwheel has one arm in four different blocks. The four blocks shown are for the bottom right corner of a quilt. When the blocks are assembled, the pattern created is interlocking pinwheels. The sewing is very simple and the quilt top goes together quite quickly.

Before you begin your layout, use color pencils to color in the pinwheels on the sampler graph paper that came with confirmation of your order. The background in the graph is shaded to be distinct from the pinwheels. Coloring in the design will be helpful in understanding how the blocks fit together to form pinwheels. Use the colored in sampler graph paper during layout to help keep yourself on track.

When you first start block construction, remove, sew and replace the blocks on your design wall one at a time until you are comfortable with the construction process and block layout.

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