Life’s been good . . .

I hope life has been good for you. It’s been okay for us. We’re fostering a pair of Golden Retrievers. OMGosh they are DUMB. I will NEVER adopt a golden retriever to be an “us” dog. NEVER. They are not a breed whose personality I admire or could tolerate. They are STUPID. And the hand lick thing . . . yeah, that’s a hell of a NO. Other than that they’re pretty and friendly and love EVERYBODY, friend or foe. I did tell you they were stupid, didn’t I? Yeah, DUMB.
I got the bathrobe I was working on finished. It’s going to work just fine. It’s so stretchy my neck doesn’t complain when I put it on. I’m 2/3 done with the belt. Another “sit and knit” and I’ll be done.
And the bad news . . . our rescue kitty has reached the point in her life where her bladder control has failed. She sleeps on the bed and her bladder leaks. On our bed. Ugh. I’ve washed the bed clothes all the way to the mattress (treated with odor solve each time to mediate the problem). This whole thing makes me want to cry. I know she was old when we got her so this isn’t a horrible surprise. At this point she has to be an outside cat. She’s still getting her special food . . . baked chicken and canned tuna . . . and milk (probably not good for her) and that will have to be the “going forward” plan. I can’t wash all the bedclothes and treat the mattress every day. I just can’t. I wish it wasn’t winter. This would be so much easier to accept if it was spring or summer. It makes my heart ache.

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