Worm casting tea

One of the really good organic solutions for six legged pests is worm casting tea.  I make a really small amount, but if you need to treat a bigger area, it’s easy to make more.  Thanks to Ray on the Barrelponics Yahoo group for the instruction.

You’ll need a small airstone and a air pump.  My aquarium air pump has two ports so I plug into the spare for making worm casting tea.

I’m giving the instructions for a quart, as that’s the amount I can make and use up before it’s not any good any more.  It needs to be used within (if memory serves) a couple days.

For a quart, use filtered water, add 1.25 ounces of worm castings, drop the airstone in the bottom and let it bubble away for 12-24 hours.

Strain it and spray it where you need it taking care to get the under side of the leaves as well as the stems and tops.

Here’s the bonus bit.  It’s perfectly safe for plant walls and aquaponic systems.  Can’t beat that!

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