Wood fern

A frond, a frond!

I tore my wood fern apart when I started this new wall.  I planted three small pieces and gave the rest away.  Two of the starts are doing great.  The third I can’t check because there’s too much greenery in the way.  I’ve tried to weasel my way in close enough to take a look and I get stabbed by the yucca.  Ouch.  Moving the big pots away to get a good look is going to have to wait until this afternoon.  I have the avocado, palm/ficus and yucca pots clustered at one end of the wall and they’ll have to be moved to finish the planting.  Today’s the day . . . at least that’s the plan.  I should do what I want on my birthday, don’t ya think?

So here’s the wood fern update . . . I’ve got a new frond!  <grinning>  How awesome is that?!  I think I actually have two new fronds but I can only see the end of one of the fronds (see above note on “ouch”).

Wood fern frond laying spore side against the wall felt.

So my next question is . . . will wood fern spores self-start in the wall?  I know from the little reading I’ve done on the subject that starting fern spores is an art as much as a science.  The things propagate in nature so . . . I’m just askin’, what are the chances of the spores starting in the damp environment of the wall?  Only time will tell, but that would be about as awesome as wall things could get.

One final note . . . the spider plants have totally perked up and have vigorous new growth <small celebratory dance>, the three varieties of cactus love being in the wall and one stem of the English ivy has finally firmed up.  We lost a lot of leaves in the interim (there were a lot of leaves to lose).  The leaves at the end of the 12′ stem are no longer limp!  The shorter stem is still looking sick but I’m still holding out hope.  We’ll see how it goes.

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