Where the sun don’t shine

Off sun side

Wadly and I pulled the plant wall today to make room for the new larger plant wall.  We moved it to the other side of the slider where it will not get enough daylight.  I hope to have the new wall going soon enough that it won’t cause issues.

Now that I can actually get to the off-sun side I can show you what’s going on there.

See the dumb cane cutting?  That’s the big green stem on the left starting from halfway up with greenery growing up and curving to the right.  Remember I said I was concerned that the heavier plants would need support.  Well, now I’m not so certain.  I grabbed that stem to see how much it would wiggle . . . it won’t wiggle at all.  The whole wall moved.

See the green and pale green vine about 2/3 of the way from the top?  That’s one of the bathroom vines.  It’s hiking it toward the shade . . . wonder where it thinks it’s going . . .

It will be interesting to pull the staples and see what the backside of the felt looks like.

Wadly and I cut most of the frame for the new wall.  I cut channels in some recycled 2×4 to slot the backer board into.  We’ve got the top corners mitered.  I’ve asked Wadly to take some of the 6″ pipe that Danny brought and cut it in half lengthwise to make the water collection trough.  I’m going to do some fancy cutting in the center front to allow the water to run into the aquarium.  I’m still thinking on that part.  I may aquarium cement on a down spout.  We’ll see.  I still have some teeless connectors.  Maybe I’ll use one of those and connect a short hose to run into the aquarium.  Hmm . . . still processing.

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