Watching that French guy do his thing

Watch the YouTube video and you'll see a whole new thing!

My brother works for a food processing plant and brought me lots of lovely big stuff when they did a strip-down of a section of the plant. I’ve got a 6″ diameter clear plastic pipe that’s about 10′ long. I WILL find an awesome use for that, you can be sure. I saw one of Patrick’s systems with rocks and water plants inside a clear pipe as the water ran through it like a brook. VERY cool. The interview is in French, but watch this one. Toward the end you’ll see clear tubes with rocks and plants.

I’m going to make a small one of those using the clear pipe he gave me. It will be SO cool!  It will require something a bit different as the flow has to be continuous. It will take one pump/timer to feed the wall and a separate pump for the glass enclosed stream.

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