Waffle plant

Waffle Plant (2" pot) from above.

I made a town run yesterday and picked up some plants for my new wall . . . like I don’t have enough already.  I got a 2″ potted plant called a “waffle” plant.  Each pot has about 4 starts.  It has lovely dark green leaves with a waffle pattern indent.  The back side of the leaves is a lovely dark purple.

All that is nice, but it is also small and low growing, just exactly what LouAnn needs in her wall.  I also got some Neanthe bella palm (Chamaedorea Elegans) which should also work well in LouAnn’s wall and a dracaena with three shades of green.

Lovely backside purple
Lovely purple backside

I checked the seeds this morning.  The sensitive plant seeds have taken off and MUST be planted.  I was going to do that today but family intervened.  Tomorrow’s another day.  Nothing yet from the other four seed types I’m trying to start.

A bunch of posts back I mentioned the cuttings I planted  from the plant in the bathroom.  I’ll have to get a picture and show you what it’s doing in the wall.  It’s very interesting.  I’m going to plant a mess of that in the next wall.  It’s the ground cover of the vertical garden.

One of the peperomia in the wall broke off.  It was probably my fault.  I pulled out the dribble tube (waters the wall) to do a regular cleaning.  I probably bumped the peperomia and broke it off.  I found a spot and stuck it through a slot in the felt close to where it lived originally.  It should do just fine.  Interestingly enough, the pump was almost totally clean inside . . . no maintenance needed there, and all the dribble tube needed was a quick back flush.

Vala gave me a nice big jade plant start.  I’ve got it chopped up in water.  We’ll see how that goes.  I probably should have it in sand but . . .  I want to stick that in the wall as well.

Are you getting the impression this is going to be nightmare of conflicting plants . . .  I am. <evil laugh>  I have no self-restraint when it comes to plants.  I see a plant that attracts me and I want it.  Wadly knows.  He just rolls his eyes.  He’s still pouting because I have an aquarium and he doesn’t.  I offered but he isn’t interested in managing mine.  He can’t see it from his recliner.  <rolls eyes at Wadly>

Lorr has access to LDPE and can get me what I need.  I told him I need the equivalent of 5’x5′ so that’s what he’s going to order.  I’ve been saving my shekels to buy a router to go with my air card so I can network (laptop in front of TV) but it looks like I’m going to spend it on the plant wall instead.

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