Vining black eyed susan?

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I’ve got some seeds showing leaves . . . I *think* they’re vining black eyed susan but until they gain some more size I really can’t tell.  I have another VBS seed started at the same time that is almost 8″ long . . . Once it starts blooming I’ll have spots of orange in my wall.  That’ll be nice.

I moved my hoja outside for the summer on a shelf up under the awning where it would get lots of diffused light and not smell up the house with its very fragrant flowers.  One of the tendrils had lodged inself in a spot that required cutting.  I took the cutting and stuck it in the plant wall.  It’s already bloomed.

I know I’m defeating the purpose when I move the hoja outside for the blooming season and then replant more inside . . . maybe Wad won’t notice . . .

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