Vibram Five Fingers

Vibram Five Finger shoes

I’ve been reading up on Vibram Five Fingers; the technology behind the shoes and the people who wear them.  This month they’ve come out with a youth sizes of their KSO (keeps stuff out) style.  Next time I’m in Portland I’ll run by REI and give them a try.

This blog has been particularly interesting.

6 thoughts on “Vibram Five Fingers

  1. to imitate vibram, you could try to make a foot mitten out of a breathable fiber.

    Next you could use your foot last that you made, and separate out the toes.

    Next you could place the foot mitten over the foot last you made and ( separate the toes on the foot last) and paint some polyurethane rubber over the sole area. that way, you have a foot mitten with a sole with breathability. Instead of wearing all rubber shoes. Heck, you could proabably make a foot mitten out of leather and then paint polyurethane rubber on the bottom.

    If you take an impression of a running shoe sole you could impress this onto the sole of the mitten shoe you are making before the rubber dries.

    It could work.


    1. I agree with your concept! To jump-start your concept, why not start with toe socks? Wool toe socks. You wouldn’t even need a last depending on how long it takes for the polyurethane rubber to set up.

      So then the question becomes, how do you keep the toes separated so they don’t become glued together when you’re applying the polyurethane rubber?

      Marlietta, have you seen the shoes made by the guy in London that are a combination of sandal and shoe? I’ll try and find the link and post it. That, too is an interesting concept, though I like the Vibram Five Fingers better for where I live and what I do.

  2. OOOhwh, what a great Idea!!! If you used toe socks who needs to make a foot mitten it is already done for you. HUMMMM?? keeping the toes separate, I am not sure, How about a slow way of paint on the rubber onto one toe at at time?? or, You could make a rubber last based on your foot, then you could separate the toes and stretch them out of the way of each other with nail polish toe separators???? You’d have to use a mould release though on the rubber on the last so the rubber being put on the toe mitten doesn’t stick to the rubber last. I hear silicone doesn’t stick to anything.

    I think though you are going to need a strap at the ankles to keep the toe mitten shoes on though, I can imagine them stretching out of sorts and foot slipping out. take a look at the vibram again. The toe socks will have to be snug maybe??

    Nope, I haven’t seen the guy’s shoes in london, yes yes, send a link.

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