Vertical garden backer board

I had intended to go to a plastics place in Portland (1½ hrs away) to scope out the right backer board for my next vertical garden as soon as my budget would allow but fortuitous events have changed my plans.

Our Guild is having it’s every-other-year fund raiser quilt show, one of those dual purpose things.  It gives our Guild and local area quilters a place to show their work and it raises funds for our Guild.  Our Guild President is making sandwich board signs for directing traffic to the show.

I tell you all this because our Pres’s husband works for the state in the printing department where they press-cut the envelopes out of big sheets of paper using a thick plastic sheet as the punch base.  He brought two of these to use for cutting out sandwhich boards for the quilt show.

Each sheet is used three or four times on each side in the press before it’s pulled to be recycled.  These sheets are about 3′ x 4′ x ½”  and appear to be the PERFECT backing for a vertical garden wall.  I don’t know if they are LDPE or PVC, but I think they are going to be great!  The state will not part with these readily, other than the donation to our Guild, as they get money for them at recycle.  I will have to do more research into this to determine exactly what the sheet is, where I can get them pre-recycle and how much they cost in that condition.  I certainly don’t need new for something that’s covered by felt and periodically flooded with water.

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