The wilts

Right most plant is wilted completely upside down.

I’m washing all the soil off the roots for this plant wall so the aquarium water will be clear, not tea colored.  The waffle plants were the first I put in the wall.  Each container had 4 or 5 plants.  I got them washed and separated and planted in the wall.  While several of the plants didn’t look happy, one of the plants had a very serious case of the wilts to the point it was drooping with the top hanging below the insertion point in the wall.  I thought for sure the plant was done for <rolls eyes at my vernacular> but it’s perked back up today, 3 days after planting.  Let that be a lesson . . . if it’s a cutting or you massacre the roots, just because it wilts doesn’t mean it’s dead.  Be patient and give it a chance to recover.

Wadly has decided he’s going to take care of the aquarium <SCORE!!> so I’m going to off the goldies onto LouAnn to feed her wall and let him do his guppies and comets and whatever in this tank.  I no longer have to feed fish and he no longer has to whine about not having an aquarium in the house!  How cool is that?!  No watering plants, no feeding fish . . . I just need to sneak in a bit of potash monthly and I’m golden.  <grins hugely>

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