The unwilts

The unwilted waffle plant

I started this post a couple days ago but lost power and apparently lost the partially completed post.  I’m kinda baffled as WP does an auto-backup and there should have been a draft . . . ?

I wanted to share the wilted waffle with you . . . now that it’s recovered.  I think this is a salutary lesson.  If planting bare root or cuttings, as long as it hasn’t dried out which really signifies “dead plant”, give it time.  I’ve got about a dozen cuttings in the wall which were whacked off the parent plant and stuck in the wall.  So far I’ve got some wilting but no death.

The second point I want to make is . . . if you CAN provide warmed water to your wall you’ll get better growth.  During the summer and once I started running a heater in the water, plant growth increased and blooming increased.

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