The traveling fish

The traveling fish

My bog coat is off and traveling.  Karen did a beautiful job on the quilting giving a quite spectacular result.  The coat is being judged at the local fair today and slated <fingers crossed> to go to the NW Quilt Expo next.

I learned a lot building this bog coat. I will construct the next one differently.  It won’t effect the look, just the ease of final construction.  The goal on the next is to be able to put the seams together with a slip stitch.  In this one I sewed the seams, picked out the quilting in the seam allowance, clipped away the batting, fastened the seam allowance open/flat with a basting stitch and covered the open seam with a strip of the coat lining.  It was tidy, but very work intensive.  I am WAY too lazy to go that route again.

No closure, but the binding's done

I wanted to make this one with no binding on the center front so there was no disturbance of the row of pinwheels. I didn’t make that happen. I will next time.

I need to purchase two things before starting the next bog coat.  I need soluble thread and wash away stabilizer.  I will pre-assemble the sandwich with exposed grippers of soluble stabilizer so Karen can quilt right to the edge of the front and the yoke and underarm seams.  I think I can make this happen . . .

2 thoughts on “The traveling fish

  1. I’ve used the soluable stabilizer on some of my embroidery work, and found it effective. Good thought. Interesting jacket. Every time I do something it seems it teaches me a more effective way to do it next time. We learn from noticing those things.

    1. I found a place online that buys soluble hospital laundry bags in bulk and sells them online in small quantities. They are much less expensive than the soluble stabilizer sold for sewing and quilting. Unfortunately, the email comes back as no longer in existence.

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