The sun is setting on this project

All quilted

I got my sunset quilt back from Karen yesterday.  It’s all quilted and ready to bind.  I’ll try and get to that this week.

I’m going to enjoy having this quilt on my bed.  It seems so apropos, crawling into bed under a sunset.

2 thoughts on “The sun is setting on this project

  1. I’m curious about how you came up with a pattern for this quit. I really like it. My niece is getting married next fall and wants a quilt with a sunset on it and I haven’t the foggiest notion about how to do it! I’ve only just begun to look around, though, and I Goggled “sunset quilt block” and your site is one of the first to come up.

    I think I’m going to have to design this quilt for my niece, but I haven’t really done that before, just used other’s patterns. I’ve been quilting for 20 years. Got any ideas for inspiration? Thanks!

    1. I took a picture of our sunset and drew just the rough lines of the landscape and clouds. It’s a pretty easy quilt to put together if you’re a sewer of moderate ability. You can look back through pages and postings to see how it was done.

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