The hairs have it

Hairy begonia stems

As a Hawaiian begonia stem matures, it develops hairs along the stem.  The hairs are an indicator of plant health and established root structure.  Take a minute to click on the image to see the hairs in all their glory.

The spots on some of the leaves are left-overs from the worm casting tea.

Above the hairy stem is the new orchid blossom shoot.  Look how much it’s grown.

This picture was taken at night with all the lights off.  I used a flashlight to line up the camera.  The camera’s flash does a great job of lighting up the wall’s landscape.

2 thoughts on “The hairs have it

  1. We were out Black Fri. Christmas shopping in Cameron, NC and antique shop lady owner gave us this cutting to root. It was very unique with the red hairs on the stem, So we looked on the net for its’ identity and found your site. Great site and photos.

    Happy holidays
    Conrad Harwell

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