Ferns and orchid cactus

Wood ferns
Long frond with a second starting
One in the gutter (bottom right corner) and one in the wall, both showing new growth
Fronds with legs! <grin>
Nubs of growth

Orchid cacti

I got a single lot of mystery ferns on ebay. I put as many in the wall as I could but still had some bigger starts left over that I couldn’t find a spot for.  I passed those on to LouAnn.  They might prove to be interesting!

My wood fern is doing fine.  Of the four starts I put in the wall, all are growing.  One has grown a normal hairy foot with two fronds running off through the greenery.  The little one on the left is the one doing most poorly.  It puts out little puny fronds that never seem to mature.

I pulled one wood fern start and replanted it in another part of the wall.  I thought it was dead, but once I pulled it I realized the new growth was down between the backing and the felt.

I’ve got at least two new ferns that are in the gutter.  One I can see easily and it’s got a frond sticking up from the foot.

One of the ferns near the top of the wall has produced a long frond with arms sticking out from it.  That one should be interesting.

I’ve got a fern with a thick stalk that’s putting out multiple blunt protrusions.  That, too, should be interesting.

And finally, I bought a lot of orchid cactus cuttings.  They came all nicely hardened off and I was able to put them directly into the wall.  None of them is showing growth.  We’ll see how they do.