One egg, two yolks

Big yolk in the big end and a slightly smaller yolk in the small end.

Here's a two-yolker split in half lengthwise. Yummy!

I bought a flat of jumbo brown eggs for hard boiling.  If you’ve never tried to peel a freshly laid hard boiled egg, you just wouldn’t understand.  The shell does not come off.  When hard boiled eggs are needed, and you want some sort of expectation that the eggs can be cleanly peeled, you have to start with old eggs.  Ours never last long enough to be old enough for hard boiling.

I was having a hard boiled egg and a bit of sharp cheddar snack yesterday.  I cut the egg in 4 lengthwise and was surprised to see two yolks!  Then today I was peeling eggs for egg salad and ran into another!  Wow!

My favorite recipe for egg salad is minced sweet onion, small diced kosher dill and mayo.  Mix the mayo with the egg yolks until all the egg yolk lumps are gone, then stir in the diced whites, pickles and onions.  Yummy.