Almost home

Sunset at the farm
Nested stars
Confetti Stars aka “The Wood Quilt”


My three quilts are almost home.  They hung at the Pe Ell Quilt Show over the July 4th weekend but they still have two more stops to make before I get to sleep under them.

In two weeks they hang again at the RDQG Quilt Show, then a month later they hang at the SWW Fair.

Confetti Stars got best comfort sized quilt at the Pe Ell show.  That’s nice!

Tangled Stars

All quilted and looking beautiful

Here’s the Tangled Stars quilt back from quilting.  It looks beautiful!  Karen did such a nice job!   It’s quilted in variegated thread which beautifully compliments the colors of the big pinwheels.
The variety of color in both the big multi-color AND small yellow pinwheels really adds to the quilt’s appeal.

I’ve got the binding sewn on but it will take a while to hand stitch it down.  I can do about two feet per sitting/day.  I don’t need the quilt finished until the next Guild quilt show (July 2011) so I’ve got lots of time to peck away at it.