A coat for Mindy

Light denim jacket

I bought a jacket pattern and have made a number of jackets from that pattern.  It’s three pattern pieces and it goes together really fast and is very comfortable.

I had some denim in my stash, some stretch, some red pinstriped, and I combined the two into a single garment that turned out really nice.  It’s going to my sister for her to wear at work.  I was really pleased with the jacket but this iteration really needed pockets.  Patching pockets to the outside would have ruined the appearance of the front so I made curved slits bound in red goat leather.  The pockets are stretch denim patched onto the inside and sewn down using navy thread to make then as invisible as I can make them.

Red goat hide bound pocket.

The back and sleeves are solid blue stretch denim which makes the jacket very comfortable while still looking classy/casual.  The red leather to match the pinstripes on the front makes a nice accent and the curved opening makes the pockets easy to use.  I’m altering the pattern one more time for a more fitted sleeve and a fold over shawl collar.  I’ve got some black stretch denim I’ll use for that iteration.

I had gotten one pocket put on and was taking a break to eat lunch when my 35 year old Viking 6750 suddenly started running and billowing smoke.  <wince>  I unplugged it and set it out on the deck to finish smoking where I didn’t have to breathe it.  I figure if it was smoking I wasn’t going to be repairing it anytime soon.

Kangaroo shoe

I got a good buy on a gray kangaroo skin.  It’s tanned as shoe leather.  I may use it as the liner.  It’s nice leather and I don’t have anything else suitable to use for lining except black, but with the black, if my feet got wet the liner would transfer black to my socks.  <wince>  I’d be better of using the gray.

Shoe leather

I bought some shoe leather yesterday . . . gray kangaroo.  I’ve had kangaroo leather gloves before (different tanning method for glove leather) and they’re tough.  I also bought a skiving knife that can be sharpened.  I did not want the kind that had replaceable blades.  They may be safer but they’re more costly over the long run and they take more passes to get the job done.

The leather won’t be here for a week.  That gives me time to play with patterns.