Spring planting

For the last couple weeks I’ve been running batches of seeds through my seed starter.  I’ve started three kinds of tomato, three or four kinds of pepper, marigold, zinnia, squash, cucumber, two or three kinds of lettuce, two kinds of egg plant and . . . can’t remember what else.  The tomatoes and peppers have already been repotted into bigger pots.  Some have gone off to my neighbor who has always started seeds for me in the spring, some have gone off to my friend LouAnn.

This morning I’m starting coleus, lobelia, vining black eyed Susan, soapwort and nasturtiums in the last of my peat pellets.  The soapwort is a perennial, but all the rest are annuals.  I’ve got a tray of delphiniums that are just sitting there . . . I have no clue as to whether they are going to sprout.  All I can do is hope.

Here's the plant wall in its entirety. Near the center bottom you can see a new slice with a bit of peat moss stuffed in. That's got two vining black eyed Susan seeds.

I’ve taken some of the left over coleus, vining black eyed Susan, vining spinach and nasturtium seeds and planted them in tiny pockets of peat in the blank spots in the plant wall. I’ll let you know how it goes.  I’ve also stuck in a beach oleander leaf.  I’m fully confident that sucker will sprout!

Terry found the Laguna Statuary 2 pump.  I scrubbed it up, switched to a 3/8″ nozzel and swapped out the pondmaster 160.  The Laguna is the perfect size,  and because it’s properly sized it’s much quieter than the Pondmaster.  I’ll use the pondmaster outside for Terry’s aquaponic system on his big fish tank.

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