Small wall for Mindy?

Mindy wants a small African Violets wall to hang in her daughter’s bathroom.  I want to include a small aquarium to hang on the wall below it.  I’ve been looking at aquarium construction and ran across a company that makes lucite boxes.  That might be the perfect answer for this job.  I can get a 20″ long by 4″ wide by 12″ deep Lucite display box for <$80.  If I were to try and buy an aquarium that size it would cost over $200.  I haven’t looked at the cost of making one, though that’s certainly a possibility.  I found a good “how-to” for that on the net today.

I think if you wanted to just run solution and not have an aquarium you could buy an appropriately sized box in black or red or . . . whatever matched your decor.

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