Short casting to last

The plaster wrap from ball to ankle.
Cover with plastic bag and wrap with 4″ wide elastic wrap.
Cut the leather-hard plaster with a serrated butter knife.
Tie a strip of plastic bag around the casting to hold it close while it sets.

Here’s the sequence of producing the short casting. If I don’t have to deal with the toes I can do this by myself pretty easily.  Note that I have coated my foot and ankle with olive oil just after installing the tape (see below).

The only photo I didn’t get was of my foot set with forefoot on the ground and heel off and my leg correctly aligned.

Note the blue painters tape showing above the wrap.  It runs down almost all the way to the bottom edge of the plaster wrap and protects my skin from the butter knife used to cut the plaster wrap.

2 thoughts on “Short casting to last

    1. The part where I need the cleanest definition (heel and instep) are where the open back method is weak. Regardless, it’s wonderful to see how it’s done. I will be able to use that information. Thanks SO much for sharing! Watching how the instructor uses the plaster bandage is hugely helpful. It never occurred to me to use more than a single layer at a time. That’s SO much faster and better!

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