Shoe pattern

Inside of foot
Inside of foot (click to enlarge)

I’ve settled on a shoe design for my first solo attempt at shoe making.  I’ve got the lace-up bit set to the inside of my foot as my instep is so high lacing over it is uncomfortable.  I don’t want the lacing to the outside because they invariable provide an opening for moisture and they’re more difficult to lace.

Outside of foot
Outside of foot (click to enlarge)

I’m still short some barge cement and some buckram.  I also need a skiving knife, though I can use what I’ve got for skiving for now.  I need a good honing stone.  I can pick one of those up in town.  I’d like some thermoplastic for the toe box . . . don’t know if that’s possible.

I have three pair of wooden lasts on the way I’m hoping to be able to alter to fit me.

The pattern mockup
The pattern mockup (click to enlarge) I like this pattern really well. You can see I've already made one adjustment to the pattern (pin). And I've got the lace opening moved to least sensitive the spot on my instep.

I’ve got enough leather for all the pattern pieces.  I got a box of heavy chrome tanned leather remnants for soling from a place back east that makes motorcycle bags.  All the pieces are big enough to be usable for soles or heel counters, which is great and the price was excellent.  I’ve got a mess of different types of softer leather from our local glove factory for the upper pattern pieces.  I have a good selection of undyed and dyed.

We’ll see how it goes.

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