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I’ve gotten more blocks assembled.  I have the dark blue blocks for the top done, the blue blocks in the upper middle done and the red blocks around the sun done.  I haven’t sewed the blocks together.

I don’t have quite enough pink wedges cut.  When I was digging through my scrap boxes for the red to make the cloud layer that covers part of the sun I also pulled pink for the pink sky stripe and purple/eggplant/magenta for the dark purple section below the green.  I need to cut wedges from the pink fabrics so I’m sure I have enough.

I’ve got to cut more orange wedges as I have less than ¼ of the number I need.  I have 4 or 6 wedges cut from 16 different fabrics.  That’s not even 100 wedges.  Each orange row is at least 2 blocks high, so 15 (blocks per row) x 2 (rows of blocks per section) x 4 (number of wedges per block) x 2 (number of stripes of orange) = 480 wedges.  That’s not counting the center square.  I’ll need 60 of those and I’m sure I’ve got maybe 30 of those cut.  I’ve got to dig through my scrap box and see how many more orange fabrics I can find.  The more variety in shade and texture the better the section will look.

Below the orange will be green.  I have a really puny supply of green fabrics.  I seem to use those up really fast.  I can see this may be a problem.  I may have to raid LouAnn’s stash and go shopping.  Hmmm.

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