Pond liner

The trip to town today was a bit of a bust.  I could get pond liner locally if I was interested in using a shorter lived thinner product (PVC instead of EPDM) at a few pennies more.  NOT.  When I got back home I ordered a 5’x5′ 45mil EPDM from www.pondliner.com for (total) $25.44.   I did get the tubing I need for the new wall.  I can’t use 3/8″ as it requires additional fittings to marry to the bigger pump (Pondmaster 160) that’s needed to feed the new wall.  There’s no way I can use the little statuary pump.  It doesn’t have the head to service more than a 2’6″ rise.  When I moved the old wall out of the way I raised it up on the wall just a couple inches.  That was the tipping point for the Laguna Statuary.  It can’t push water that high.  I cobbled together a connection to the Pondmaster 160 to keep the wall fed until I can recycle the plants into the new wall.

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  1. I am also excited about vertical gardening and am following your progress with interest. I havent yet started but am off to the tip shop today to get some resources.

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