Plant wall update

Selective picture taking

It’s time for a plant wall update.  Now before you go “oh! Wow!”, note that this picture is of only the lushest part of the wall, not the entire wall.  And the ficus is growing in a pot next to the wall, not in the wall.  Hmm.  I wonder if a ficus would grow in the wall . . .

Let’s take a look at the whole thing.  It’s looking good, but it isn’t overall as lush as the more focused image.  One of the problems with shooting with flash is the lighting up of the background felt.  It isn’t that obvious in person.

The big picture

I’ve done some pretty severe trimming of a begonia and a philodendron in the upper right to expose the Cape Primrose (just over halfway down on the left) so it has a chance to fully recover from the aphid infestation.  Of all the plants, I think it was the hardest hit.

There’s a lot going on in the wall right now.  One of the begonias is blooming, new growth is everywhere (except the hoja and the peperomia) and the plans are overall happy and healthy.

Blooming begonia, lengthy heliocerius, happy wandering Jew.

I really like having plants in the gutter.  I want to pull this relatively small gutter and put on a larger one.

Some of the plants in the wall I’m really blah about.  I’ve got a succulent in there that does not inspire me.  The peperomia’s got to go.  The waffle plants are leaving me uninspired.  I love the viney things, the coleus, rain forest cactus and ivy.  I love the begonias.  I think I’m going to start pulling things out of the wall I don’t care for and add more of the things I like.  I’d love to add a couple rex begonias and more varieties of philodendron.  If I could find a monstera cutting I’d add that, though I know it would be a disaster.  The leaves are almost 2′ long.

The small/grow close to the wall plants have mostly died out due to lack of light.  I need to get in a do a thorough cleaning, getting rid of dead growth.  I’ll do that when I start pulling out and chucking plants in prep for adding new ones to the wall.  The top and left side of the wall is getting inadequate light.  I can’t do anything about it right now, but I’m aware of the problem and will get it resolved eventually.

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