Plant wall update

Last day of March . . . still big holes in the wall where the last three plants go
Begonia blossoms . . . unassuming and unspectacular but nice just the same
Gloxinia in all its glory

Primrose getting set to take off

I still haven’t gotten the last three plants in the plant wall.  <sigh>   Maybe I can get two of them in today.  Everything’s mega-healthy, growing and half of the bloomy stuff is doing just that.

Wadly noticed one of his fish bouncing off a rock on the bottom.  That translates to parasite issues with his tank.  Monday he dosed his tank with a parasitic that contains sodium chloride (salt).  It will be interesting to see how the wall handles an increase in the salt content of the water.  He’ll have to dose the tank two more times to ensure full treatment.  He’ll empty 25% of the tank water before each of the two additional treatments.  That should keep the salt content to a reasonable level so it doesn’t impact the wall plants <fingers crossed>.

The wall gutter makes treatment so easy.  Wadly put the granulated prep around the overflow pipe in the gutter.  The water flowing through the wall and into the gutter dissolved the granules and carried the treated water down into the tank.

Currently I have blossoms on two begonias (one white, one pink) and the gloxinia and buds on the Cape Primrose and Christmas cactus.  We’ll see how everything survives treating the fish.

4 thoughts on “Plant wall update

  1. Hi! my name is mariana and i love your blog. Im from Mexico and this days i was thinking about making a plant wall but i read a lot and really i have no idea how to make one… so i really appreciated if you could give me some advice about how to start. Thanks… and sorry about my english lol.

    1. Mariana, your English is great! I need a little more information. What kind of plant wall do you want to build? Do you want to feed it out of an aquarium or are you going to use a solution reservoir?

  2. Hi Nori: I love your plant wall. I am building one also at home. I cannot find for the life of me a brand or supplier of the felt that you plant the plants into on the wall. Can you tell me the Brand name and the supplier that you used for this felt. I am looking to build an outside wall to grow herbs and vegetables. I will probably do something indoors as well. I appreciate andy help you can provide. Thanks!

    1. John, you should be able to get the felt at any big carpet store or carpet warehouse. You want the felt that goes under the carpet on stairways and high traffic areas. It shouldn’t be expensive.

      I’m running my entire place on a 100 amp panel so I can’t keep adding and adding. I’d love to build another wall outside for veges. Maybe when we get the new service in . . .

      Keep me posted on your progress, please. I think grow walls are the best!

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