Plant wall additions

Beach oleander leaf applied to the new wall

Yeah, yeah, I said it was wrong.  I still say it’s wrong but I just had to . . . beach oleander is now in the new wall.  I like how this plant is added . . . staple the sucker on and call it a day.  <grin>

I took a picture of the Hawaiian begonia growth.  It had a single new leaf when I added it.  Now it’s got nearly a dozen leaves.  It’s really happy in the wall.

Masses of new leaves visible popping out of the Hawaiian Begonia stem

The Christmas cactus, orchid cactus and heleocereus seem to be equally happy.  You can tell with the Christmas cactus because it’s segments are plump and have that faint glittery sheen.

2 thoughts on “Plant wall additions

  1. Hi Nori,
    Great Web site:)
    Could you pls tell me how can I grow moss on vertical garden as like as Patrick Blancs walls.Do you have any idea ?


    1. From what I have read, you’ll need to make a soup out of the moss and . . . buttermilk. Put the two together in a blender and let ‘er rip. Then you spackle the resulting mix onto the wall surface and wait for the moss to grow. I haven’t tried starting moss, but this is what I’ve read.

      I question whether buttermilk is needing or desirable in an aquaponic system. I don’t think it would be so swell for the fish. I have moss growing in a planter outside. I could try it with water and report, but I’m not so sure I want moss in this wall.

      For starting moss I think the frequency of running the pump may be critical, but I’m telling you that as my guess-timate of how it would work. I know if my pump-on frequency is too long my wall runs water out to the surface of the felt and down leaves and stems to drip on the floor instead of staying mostly inside the wall. Once the preferred water pathways inside the felt dry up, they have to be re-established and that’s a bit messy the next time the pump runs. I see this any time I work on the wall with the pump off and the cycle’s extended beyond the hour-and-a-half time frame. At some point I’ll wise up and keep an eye on the clock so I can reset the time to have it kick on at the right time to avoid this.

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