Patrick Blanc’s works in closeup

Closeup of mature wall

Patrick Blanc’s work is the inspiration for my plant wall.  In a search for new vertical garden stuff, I ran across this closeup of one of his projects.

2 thoughts on “Patrick Blanc’s works in closeup

    1. Thanks for including the link. I watched the video of the Melbourne installation. Seeing the wall at a more mature state was great.

      In looking at Patrick’s work close up it’s apparent the felt I’m using is significantly thicker and denser. The felt he’s using appears to be the same material as the felt blankets used by movers to protect furniture. He layers the felt with woven poly to get the structural element needed to hold the plants in place as they mature. His layers of felt (shown in the Melbourne installation) seem to be less than the thickness of single layer of the carpet padding felt I’ve used. His layers are easily stapled whereas the thickness of the felt I use makes stapling with the available size of stainless staples problematic in some areas. In those areas I use stainless screws with cup washers.

      I’ve seen a layer of plastic in some of his installations but not every application. I read somewhere he schedules the irrigation every 4 or 5 hours. The plastic must slow root drying/evaporation.

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