Pack behavior

Despite everything we tried to turn his condition around, we lost Maxter last week after months of slowly declining energy and weight.  I really miss him.  He was easily the most intelligent awesome dog I’ve ever had.

With Max gone the pack is adjusting.  We’re in the midst of power struggles as the girls reevaluate their position in the pack.  Patsy, the lead bitch, is too depressed to pick up Max’s duties.  A lot of the power struggles are due to her failing to exude her normal energy and authority.  Happy has taken to sleeping in the shop on the carpeting; shades of “I’m really just a house dog.”  Chloe is barking at the neighbors instead of watching the drive.  Our doggie world is in chaos.

We had a red tailed hawk almost make off with a chicken this morning.  I had to call the alert.  Patsy was embarrassed.

It will take time, and we may lose a chicken or two, but eventually everyone will adjust so the whole farm is covered.  I’ll wait until spring to see if I want to try and find a replacement for Max.  He’s an incredibly hard act to follow.

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