New plantings

New plantings. Right is Cape Primrose, centerish is gloxinia. The tiny thing with lots of velvety petals is the African Violet. Bottom left corner is the Hawaiian Begonia.

I worked a bit more on the wall yesterday despite a back that doesn’t like me.  I got the streptocarpus, gloxinia, Hawaiian begonia and African violet planted.  I also got two of the three (or four – I haven’t decided) ivy planted.

The begonia is a rhizomatous that produces plate sized leaves.  It isn’t the biggest leafed begonia (largest leaf is bigger around than a 15 gallon trash can lid) but it is a nice green leaf in an interesting shape.  I’ve already seen growth and it’s only been in the wall a couple days.  I think it’s going to like its new home.

Mary (neighbor of the donated fish tank) brought by a couple more begonia cuttings this morning.  With the one in the original wall that gives me three different begonias for this wall, all different sizes, shapes and colors.

Wadly tested the tank water this morning.  Ammonia, nitrate and nitrate are at the bottom of the scale so everything’s working and we need more fish to feed the wall.  It was fun watching him try to figure out how to use the test kit.

He raided the quarters jar and is off to Kaija’s to get pretty fish.  Wadly’s so eager to get his guppies and comets and whatever else, he’s made a unilateral decision.  He’s having Mary’s take the goldfish home with her.  You say “weren’t those fish going to LouAnn?”  Don’t look at me, I wasn’t asked my opinion.  I’ll make him get the fish for her wall when it’s time.  They’re cheap (under a buck).

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