New growth

Hidden behind the Wandering Jew
Heliocereus puts out new shoots with shoots!
Fairly compact growth and more buds and blossoms
Roots on a begonia laying in the gutter awaiting LouAnn's wall build

Jade plant with new shoot

The Parrots Beak is continuing to grow, however slowly.  Until it manages to make it out of the understory it’s going to continue to progress slowly.

The heliocereus is putting out vigorous growth.  It loves being in the wall.

All of the begonias are doing very well with one putting out prolific growth and lots of buds and pretty blossoms.

All the plants laying in the gutter are doing great.  The rootless cuttings are all showing new roots.

The one plant that’s encouraged me the most is the Jade.  I didn’t think it would do well when I saw it really dislikes getting its leaves wet.  On the right side of the picture you can see another cutting that has a black and withered tip.  That is the result of being dripped on.

I have another plant in the wall that behaves the same way.  If the leaves get wet they wither and rot.  Once the plant has grown enough to be further away from the felt and the drippiness it shouldn’t be an issue.

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