New growth update

New Wood Fern frond
New fern growth
Another fern with different shaped fronds
The above fern with the base showing additional growth
Vine fastened on with runner roots showing new off-shoots
Lovely spatulated ends on the heleocerius

Fern in the gutter

Check all the new growth!

The wood fern frond is still small in comparison to the dirt-rooted version but I really chopped the heck out of the root structure to get the pieces into the wall.  I expect the robust growth to take a while as the root structure reestablishes itself.

Beside the planting of the wood fern is one of the new ferns I got from eBay.  I won’t know what the fronds will really look like until all the frondlets uncurl.

Up near the top of the wall is another new fern and the fern fronds have a completely different look with the ends of the fronds looking almost purple/black.

At the base of that frond the plant shows new growth that looks different from the frond.  This will be an interesting one to watch.

The bi-colored vine at the bottom of the wall has rootlets growing off the vine into the wall.  It’s showing three or four new shoots.

The heleocerius has got a lot of really good growth with the longer bits showing lovely spatulated ends.

The fern in the far corner of the gutter is really getting stretchy.  I’m looking forward to seeing what it looks like once the fronds unfurl.

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