New feathers for my chimes

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I’ve been trying to remember to look at Goodwill for something copper I could beat the heck out of to make a good feather for my wind chimes.  I wasn’t happy with the performance of the wood feathers I’d made.  They were too light to give the chime a loud enough sound unless I weighted them down with something metal.  Because the chimes are copper pipe, it seemed only fitting to try and find something in the same metal to get the right weight for the size of the chime.

Yesterday LouAnn and I made a Goodwill run.  LouAnn spotted two sizes of pressed copper saucer (made in Italy) that are perfect!  They are a matching set, exactly what I needed.  Now my chimes are making noise with an Italian flare.

I’m still looking for a new feather for my bell chimes.  I haven’t found the right thing yet.  I need something as big as the large saucer but a bit lighter, and hopefully as unique as the Italian copper saucers.

In the same trip we found a pewter candle holder for LouAnn’s chimes.    I’m closer to getting LouAnn’s chimes put back together.  I’ve got the hanger cut out, I just need to unbury the router table and get her new hanger bullnosed.  I also need to cut a bigger hammer for my short chimes.

All things in good time.

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