New chimes

Bell chimes out of brass bells, a bicycle sprocket for a hanger, copper pipe for the hammer and a Thermaltake fan cover as the feather.
Bongers made from copper pipe. The feather is scrap cedar, the hanger is temporary (piece of plywood) and the hammer is a piece of black walnut. The permanent hanger will be a piece of maple.

I put together a couple wind chimes, one out of bells and one out of copper pipe.

The copper pipe chime is a copy of a friend’s aluminum pipe chime.  The pipes I used are left-overs given to me by our son (thank you Lorr).  The size of the pipe is just a little bit bigger and a little bit heavier than my friend’s which makes the sound just a bit deeper.  This chime produces a nice regal church bells sound.

For the bell chime I went with a different approach.  I’ve had the bells forever intending to turn them into some sort of chime.  I like this chime.  It has a light happy sound.  The hanger is an aluminum bicycle chain sprocket from a box of Lorr’s bike parts.  If I can find a piece of copper pipe with a bigger circumference I’ll swap out the existing pipe so the chime can produce sound in lighter breezes.  The feather on the bell chimes is too small.  I hung a ziplock bag on it to compensate.  When I can find an interesting piece of copper or aluminum I’ll whack it into an interesting shape, surface mount the Thermaltake fan cover with aluminum pop rivets and the chime will be complete.

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