My favorite mocha

Unless I’m having a bad day I usually have one large cup of coffee before breakfast.  Because it’s the only cup I’m going to have, it’s gotta be good.  I’ve discovered a new treat that satisfies my chocolate craving along with my java fix.

Safeway puts out a nice ice cream they call “Select”.  It’s great for people like me who have soy and/or cane sugar issues and can’t eat just any ice cream.  Sometimes I don’t know why I can’t eat an ice cream.  Nothing leaps off the label and screams “BAD”, but my body rebels.  I like, and can eat, Select Chocolate ice cream well enough to know better than to buy it in the half-gallon size.  If you’re a woman, you know exactly what I mean.  Fortunately, Select Chocolate is one of the ice creams packaged in single serving cartons.  A single serving carton has enough ice cream for three mochas.

Add a couple heaping tablespoons of Select Chocolate to an oversized cup.  Add coffee.  Add a teaspoon of real maple syrup (I can’t eat cane sugar, fructose, stevia, yada yada.  Maple syrup works great.  No pancreas issues, no glycemic issues, no yeast issues).

You’re probably going to need to pop it in the microwave to heat it back up.  It’s like desert in a cup.  Nummy.

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