Mold making

"I made a box and then I filled it"
"Now it's full of product. I'll pull them in the morning."

Pretty new lasts!

My son, bless his heart, has taken on the task of molding my lasts.  He makes molds at his work so has much more knowledge in this area than I.  I know he struggled with how to make the molds, trying different things before reaching this pinnacle.  Success at last!

I sent him a text asking what he used as molding material.  He replied saying “some industrial crap.  Any off the shelf latex will work.”

These pictures were taken with his phone and texted to me.  The fuzziness is, I’m sure, smudges on the camera lens.

I’m so ecstatic about having lasts that match my feet!  <grin>

6 thoughts on “Mold making

  1. The latex is liquid latex for molding? I went to home depot and wasn’t sure what to get, ill probably order online. What product was used for mold release? I would also like to know what casting resin was used if you can find out? Thanks, love your projects 🙂

  2. Any info on it yet? I’m going to pick up 2 gallons of industrial liquid latex this weekend since ill be experimenting with thermoplastic resins to make heel blocks once I finish my lasts. Still a little unsure about what kind of resin was used, is it an epoxy casting resin?
    Planning on ordering within the next couple days.

    1. Lorr didn’t respond to my e. I just texted him to see if I can get him to answer. I’ll reply when I hear back.

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