LouAnn’s wall

I’ve been working toward building a wall for LouAnn.  She loves my wall and wants one of her own.  I can do that!

LouAnn has a narrow wall just inside her bay window that will accommodate an 18″ wide by 5′ tall vertical garden.  I have the sheet of LDPE ready to rip.  I’m going to use composite lumber for the frame and stand.   I have to keep an eye out for the right aquarium.  I saw one at Goodwill that would have been perfect but failed to grab it.  <sigh>  Hindsight.

I am going to set the LDPE backer in channels in the frame.  I anticipate the whole being stronger than a sum of the parts as the LDPE will add rigidity to the composite once it’s secured into the channels.  I plan to use 1x4s (I found a place that produces composite fence pickets in the right dimension).  I can make the entire frame out of 2-8′ lengths.

I’ll add bits of info and pictures as I get the project pulled together.

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