Lots going on

I’ve got a lot of stuff going on right now.  Lorr has lasts ready for me.  I need boots for a clinic I’m doing in January (www.axwoodlibrary.com).  The comfy slip-ons I have are SO not going to work for that activity.  Getting boots made is a priority.

I’m in the middle of building a sawdust stove (www.norishouse.com) so we stay warmer when the cold weather hits in February.  Hopefully that will be done by this weekend.

All cut and ready to go

I have a mariner’s compass to finish for LouAnn, a border to put on my confetti stars quilt and two bog coats to make, a simple reversible one for LouAnn and two-color one requiring quite a bit of applique/prep for my friend Mickey.

I’ve promised another bog coat in purple and black to Mindy with her farm logo, but it’s not going to happen right away.

I need an escape from all the complicated stuff, something I can mindlessly sit and sew while admiring the pretty colors without thinking too hard.

I’ve been planning a square dance quilt for my bed for a while.   When I cut fabric for square dance blocks for borders I’d cut extra and add to my collection of fabrics for this quilt.  It takes 106 to make a queen sized quilt and I’ve got 120+.  This block is super easy to sew, pretty and just what I need to give me some busy work.

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