Let them eat cake

Clog upper, prepped sole and appropriate tools.
Bottom of the sole and side of the clog. The back portion of the clog was trimmed to become a strap.

The shoe, all finished. Both were done in under 3 hours.

Marie Antoinette, totally bereft of the concept of people too poor to buy bread, advised the intake of cake instead, totally  missing the point altogether.  Not being able to buy shoes to fit is a bit like that.  I tell people manufacturers don’t make shoes for my size/shape feet and I get a bit of the, “eat cake” thing.

So I had a moment of brilliance this morning.  It happens occasionally.  When it happens Wadly steps back well clear of whatever chaos is about to erupt and watches warily as I forge ahead on some mad scheme.

A couple years ago I had Mark of Multnomah Leather make me a pair of clogs with a radically slanted sole.  It turned out my brilliant idea wasn’t so brilliant but rather than get rid of the whole shoe, I pulled the uppers off (pulled all the brads) and chucked the bottoms.  I’ve played with the uppers a bit trying them on this and that but generally they sat in my shoe materials box unloved and unappreciated.

While waiting for Lorr to cast my lasts I’ve been digging in my shoe materials box.  I had a pair of soles I had prepped with my anti-arch supports and a leather liner.  It occurred to me I could put the clog tops on my prepped soles and I’d have a pair of shoes.  And darned if that didn’t work!

It’s nice to have something comfortable I can wear that doesn’t readily let the water in.  A bit of spit shine and they’ll look pretty spiffy!

2 thoughts on “Let them eat cake

    1. I sent a pic of my shoes to Lorr (son) this morning. He texted back to say he had the bottom of the molds done and was waiting on something he has to modify to hold the mold halves together. Hopefully it won’t be long!

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